Floyd C. Forsberg

Floyd C. Forsberg

Floyd Forsberg is a commercial truck driver in Vancouver, Washington, following being paroled from a life sentence and released in August, 1992. “After decades of staring at nothing but steel bars and grey prison walls, my trips through some of the country&rsqup;s most wondrous landscapes—especially in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana—were among the most awe-inspiring and fulfilling experiences in my life.”

When Floyd Forsberg was a boy, he wanted nothing more than to be the greatest bank robber in the world. Following that ambition, in 1974 he robbed the First National Bank of Nevada in Reno for over $1 million, the largest bank robbery in history at the time. With the FBI on his heels, he managed to escape capture, but only for a while. Shortly after he was caught, he escaped from a maximum security prison, his fourth such escape, but in the end, Forsberg spent over 30 years in the federal and state prison systems for bank robbery and accessory to murder.

In one of the few times Forsberg was out of prison, he was lucky enough to find the woman of his dreams. Forsberg was left with a choice: be with her, or pull off one more bank robbery. The choice he made would forever change his life. With all his successful escapes, could he free himself from The Toughest Prison of All?

Floyd Forsberg is currently working on a collection of essays about his experiences in prison, entitled Tales From The Yard.

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